Quality policy

Quality policy of Opened joint-stock company "Borisov plant Avtogydrousilitel"

Our future depends on quality of our products.The main purpose of our activity - is output of high quality products that satisfy customers requirements and guarantee sustainable profit of enterprise.

We will ensure the achievement of established purpose by means of:

- application of process method to quality management system;
- constant improvement of quality management systems processes and the whole management system;
- conducting of marketing researches to determine formed and evaluate customers satisfaction;
- development and launching products which meet customers requirements;
- settling new and modernization of functioning technologies;
- supporting manufacturing equipment in appropriate conditions which will allow us to produce products of required quality level in accordance with formed and expected customers requirements;

- working with suppliers of materials and components with the purpose to improve the quality of buying products;
- systematic rising the employees qualification.

Every employee of working collective realizes that:

- the quality of our products - the result of conscientious job of everybody;
- its better to prevent disparity than improve it.

For realization of propositions of present Policy we aspire to interest every enterprises employee in producing quality products which guarantee economic well-being of every member of working collective.

General Manager V.Lavnik

Certification of Quality Management System

Opened joint-stock company "Borisov plant "Avtogydrousilitel" is modern and dynamic enterprise and prove it successful certification of Quality Management System that conforms to the requirements of STB ISO 9001 of new 2009 year version instead of old version STB ISO 9001 of 2001 year. More over the scope of certificate considerably extended and cover practically all kind of enterprises activity.
As a result of successful work devoted to introduction of Quality Management System in December 2003 RUIE "Borisov plant "Avtogydrousilitel" received certificate of conformance on Quality Management System ? BY/ 112 issued by Republican agency of standardization, metrology and certification of
Republic of Belarus that extend to designing, development, producing and servicing of hydro systems of steering gears, spare parts, instruments and motor-cars components with period of validity to December 2006.
Quality Management System which is functioning at enterprise - is a modern management instrument that ensure constant quality improving by means of constant analysis and development of:

- functioning at the enterprise business-processes;
- feedback from our customers;
- mutual relations with suppliers;
- systematic rising the employees qualification.

Today in Quality Management System of RUIE "Borisov plant "Avtogydrousilitel" function 10 processes and about 80 enterprises standards, which cover different kinds of activity.

The Quality policy and the Quality Guidance are basic documents of Quality Management System.
With the purpose to develop Quality Management System the governing body of enterprise has planned introduction in 2009 standard ISO/TS 16949-2002 "Quality.

Management System. Special requirements for application of standard ISO 9001-2000 in machinery construction.

Observing positive tendencies, connected with introduction and application of modern management systems, the governing body of enterprise has intention to support present and assimilate new directions in quality management area and in increasing effectiveness.

Besides certified Quality Management System, RUIE "Borisov plant "Avtogydrousilitel" certified its products with the purpose to:

- ensure mans life, health and property protection as well as protection of environment;
- increase the products competitiveness;
- creation favorable conditions for providing of free products movement at home and foreign market.

Certificates of products attest the accordance with the requirements of normative-technical documents in technical regulation and standardization area.

Principal Activities The Quality Programs implemented in 2009-2010

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