Order to build “Borisov plant “Avtogydrousilitel” was issued by Ministry of motor-car building of USSR.
1968 – 1971
Period of foundation and building.
The first lot of pumps for hydraulic boosters for ZIL-130 was released.
Building and putting into operation thermo galvanic workshop.
Building and putting into operation of the power repair shop. Production of distributors and hydraulic boosters for MAZ.
Building block of shops on second manufacturing area.
Productions of steering gears for KamAZ – 5320.
Created mechanization and automation shop and automatic shop.
Production of :

  • control valve of hydraulic booster for GAZ 66;
  • pump of hydraulic booster for KrAZ;
  • power cylinder PAZ;
  • hydraulic cylinder for agricultural machines;
  • fuel pumps 65;
  • pumps for hydraulic booster PAZ.

Putting into operation of forge shop.
Production of hydraulic cylinders.
Production of 7 new products, including steering gears for MAZ.
Production of:

  • pump and hydraulic cylinder of cab dumping device for MAZ;
  • power cylinder 672-3405011-22 PAZ;
  • pump of hydraulic booster 5336 MAZ.

Creation of building products shop.
Production of:

  • steering gear 3302 for GAZ;
  • hydraulic distributors for road-building machinery;
  • steering gear for UAZ;
  • pump of hydraulic booster for UAZ and GAZ.

RUIE “Borisov plant “Avtohydrousilitel” became a stockholder of financial and industrial company “Nijegorodskie avtomobili”.
Developed the design and created a pilot botch of integrated steering gears 453461.100 for “Volga”.
Production of:

  • hydraulic cylinders 3308-3405011; 33081-3405011;
  • pumps 453471.091-20;
  • pumps of cab dumping device 458662;
  • cistern with micronic filter of oil  453473.400.

Development of design documentation and producing pre-production models:

  • rack and pinion steering gear with hydraulic booster 453465.100 for perspective model GAZ-3111 “Volga”;
  • integrated steering gear 453461.200 for commercial vehicles “Valday” (GAZ) and buses;
  • integrated steering gear 453461.400 for MAZ;
  • integrated steering gear 453461.700 for heavy lorries, buses and trolleybuses KamAZ, MAZ and “Belcomunmash”.

Production of the following products:

  • pump of cab dumping device with addition 458662.240;
  • hydraulic cylinder of cab dumping device and lifting of spare wheel 453198.210 and 453198.237 KamAZ;
  • streamlined steering gear 4310-3400020 for KamAZ;
  • cistern with valves 453479.300 for GAZ;
  • integrated steering gear 453461.130-10 UAZ;
  • pump with face compaction and its modifications 453471.090T;
  • cylinder 453429.070 MAZ;
  • cistern with valves 453479.500 for GAZ;
  • hydrocylinder 4370-5003010 MAZ;
  • steering gear 3302-3400014-02 GAZ.

Plant was awarded with diploma by Ministry of Industry of Republic of Belarus for achievements in quality development.Plant successfully passed certification and receive certificate which attests that the Quality Management System for design, development, production and servicing of hydraulic schemes of steering gears, spare parts, tools and accessories for automobiles conforms to the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2001.


Production of steering gears for GAZ 31105.
Beginning of preproduction of steering gear 453461.200 for light commercial vehicle GAZ-3310 “Valday” and 453461.420 for automobiles “KamAZ”.
In accordance with accepted program of technical reequipment, new high-precision machines are implemented. This equipment enables to improve products’ quality.
Plant was awarded with diploma “The Best Exporter-2004” by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Republic of Belarus for significant increasing of its export.

Production of the following products:

  • hydraulic booster pump 453.125-40, 125-40;
  • hydraulic booster pump 453.126-20, 126-20;
  • steering gear 453461.200;
  • steering gear 453461.420,  453461.420-10;
  • hydraulic booster pump 453471.021 with working pressure 15P

Beginning of preproduction of steering gear 453461.400 for automobiles MAZ-4370 and buses MAZ-256.

The following new items were mastered:

  • steering gear 453461.103;
  • steering gear 453461.200;
  • steering gear 453461.420 (-10);
  • steering gear 453461.400;
  • steering gear 453461.123;
  • steering gear 453461.133;
  • hydraulic cylinder 453198.213;
  • hydraulic cylinders 453429.075 (076);
  • steering link 3163-3414010;
  • steering gear 453461.135;
  • hydraulic cylinder 453198.214;
  • pump tank 453473.360;
  • hydraulic booster pump 453471.021.

22 June, 2007
A gala-night dedicated to tenth anniversary from the day of RUIE “Borisov plant’s “Avtogydrousilitel” foundation.

According to results of 2007 RUIE “Borisov plant “Avtogydrousilitel” was awarded to Prize-Laureat of Belarus Government in the range of quality for adoption of new high-performance methods of quality control and competitive product release thereupon.

It was developed the manufacture of new production:

  • hydraulic booster pump 453471.125-30;
  • hydraulic booster pump 453471.012

Adoption of new production sorts:

  • hydraulic cylinder 1221-4625010 for tractors of a line 1221;
  • hydraulic cylinder 100?200-3 for tractors with horsepower of 100;
  • hydraulic ram 1221-4635010

A quality management system of Borisov plant Avtogydrousilitel, OJSC was certified for the correspondence to the requirements of ISO/TS 16949: 2009 (quality management system for serial and spare parts producers in automotive industry). This event has become one the most significant in the current year.